10 Christmas Horror Movies You Should Watch Right Now


Holiday films are not just limited to romantic comedies and moving dramas, though classic Christmas movies like Home Alone and Elf are a holiday of the season. With the same horror movie clichés, we all know and love (and fear), such as sadistic killers, zombie apocalypses, and paranormal activity, Christmas horror movies put a twist on the usual happiness and cheer of the season. But in these movies, the action takes place against a backdrop of holiday lights, and occasionally, Santa Clause himself plays the villain.

Everyone wants to make the Christmas season more enjoyable with some great planning. In addition, Christmas shocking movies are a great option to enjoy with your partner. Suspense, thrill, fear, and shocking characters and stories leave you in awe. There is a Christmas horror movie for everyone to enjoy. Whether you love horror films or just want something a little more exciting for your movie night. So gather your homemade cookies and popcorn and learn why some people did not make Santa’s nice list this year.

Let us plan your Christmas with 10 amazing horror movies. Here are the top 10 Christmas horror films that will make you shiver this holiday season.

1. Violent Night (December 2022) - Horror Movie

Violent Night Horror Movie

When a group of mercenaries invades a mansion belonging to a wealthy family on Christmas Eve and holds everyone inside hostage, they are unprepared for a surprise enemy. Santa Claus is on the premises and is about to demonstrate why this Nick is not a saint (David Harbour, Black Widow, Stranger Things series). In a scene from the terrifying Christmas film The Violent Night, David Harbour portrays an aggressive Santa.

In this upcoming thriller, starring Stranger Things actor David Harbour as a punch-carrying Santa, Christmas meets The Raid. St. Nick must fight his way out of a house during a robbery and save the family. Avoiding ruining Christmas in the process. On December 2, it opens in theatres. This will be one of the most amazing Halloween movies in 2022.

2.    The Invitation (October 2022) – Horror Movie

The Invitation Horror Movies

Evie (Nathalie Emmanuel), who lost all of her family when her mother passed away, undergoes a DNA test in a last-ditch effort to connect with a relative. She is ecstatic beyond words when she learns that she has a distant cousin and receives an open invite from his family to participate in a lavish wedding in the English countryside. A nightmare of survival commences as the family’s sinister secrets and the invitation’s true motivations start to come to light. However, this movie is not yet released. However, expected to come on 25th October 2022. People and young couples are waiting for this one of the best horror movies.

3.    Spirit Halloween: The Movie (30th September 2022)

Spirit Halloween The Movie Horror Movie

The Movie is about a pint-sized science wiz named Bo, who works at a Halloween store that goes under the name Spirit Halloween. The evil spirit of Alex Windsor, played by Christopher Lloyd, haunts the store. Alex’s spirit lives inside the spooky items at the store and is trying to reclaim one of the boys’ bodies. Jake and Carson’s mom, Rachel Leigh Cook, play their moms.

Spirit Halloween: David Poag directs the Movie, and Billie Bates wrote the screenplay. Noor Ahmed, Michael Hagerty, and Shannon Houchins produced it. It stars Christopher Lloyd, Rachael Leigh Cook, Dylan Frankel, and Jaiden Smith.

Streaming services like Netflix and Amazon have learned that low-budget movies can make massive profits. Streaming services have taken advantage of this and have made many horror movies on a budget. In 2022, Spirit Halloween: The Movie is one of the top 10 new best horror movies to watch.

Another Netflix Original, The Conjuring: The Movie is a chilling family movie based on the Stephen King novel. Although the film is PG-13, some graphic scenes may scare young children. It is a great film for older children and parents who want to watch something a little more eerie than scary.

4.    Silent Night (2021)

Silent Night Horror Movie

This holiday-themed thriller starring Keira Knightley & Matthew Goode is a sure bet. This movie is a horror movie in the ominous, existential sense. On what might be everyone’s final day on earth, the two play the role of gracious hosts for a formal Christmas celebration. You will be left wondering what you would do in the characters’ shoes after watching this melancholy and terrifying film. There are elements of end-of-the-world movies in the film starring Matthew Goode and Kiera Knightley about a group of people who gather for one final Christmas before an environmental apocalypse.

5.    I Trapped The Devil (2019)

I Trapped the Devil

Unexpectedly, Matt and his wife Karen start arriving to spend the holidays with Matt’s troubled brother Steve. Matt alerts Karen to the uncomfortable atmosphere and the blacked-out windows. Steve receives unsettling phone calls from an unidentified caller and frequently sees visions of his deceased wife Sarah via television static. The three of them have a few tense conversations before Steve shows Matt as well as Karen a padlocked door in the basement with a cross on it. From the other side, Matt and Karen hear a man pleading for assistance. Steve, incredulously, asserts that the prisoner is the devil. This is incredible.

The set-up is purely Halloween movies: Can Steve convince them to accept him? Must watch this amazing Halloween suspense and thriller movie on Christmas days.

6.    Black Christmas (2019)

Black Christmas Horror Movie

The advertisement for Black Christmas is a top pick for Christmas horror movies. Actually, there are three variations of Black Christmas available: The best version of the material is the (excellent) 1974 original starring Margot Kidder and Olivia Hussey. A former X-Files cast member named Glen Morgan directed the 2006 remake. In addition, the 2019 remake was written and directed by a female duo named Sophia Takal and April Wolfe. In every version of the movie, a terrifying stranger stalks a group of sorority girls over the course of their holiday break.

7.    The Advent Calendar (2021)

The Advent Calendar Horror Movie

One of the most well-known tropes in all of horror literature, “The Advent Calendar” is a French adaptation. Be careful what you wish for stories feature characters who are given the power to fulfill their deepest desires, usually through some sort of talisman, only to learn too late that there is a terrible price to pay in return. Even though everyone loves advent calendars, this one would have most people saying “No thanks.” Eve, a paraplegic who uses a wheelchair, receives it as a gift, and each day the gifts grow ominous. Is everything a joke, or is something ominous happening?

8.    Red Snow (2021)

Red Snow Horror Movie

It is high time someone combined the holidays with vampires. (Dracula and Santa are both eternal.) A struggling romance author moves to a remote cabin for the holidays to write, only to have a bat accident into her window and transform into an attractive bloodsucker named Luke. Olivia Romo (Dennice Cisneros), a vampire romance author, is unaware that her work is about to become fact. After she restores health to a wounded bat. Spoiler alert: the bat changes into a dapper vampire (Nico Bellamy) and gets downright annoying.

9.    The Lodge (2020)

The Lodge Horror Movie

No Santa or elves are present in this film, but it is incredibly eerie nonetheless. During the Christmas break, Riley Keough plays a woman who is going to accompany her fiancé’s children to his cabin for a few days while he is away. She must determine the frightening events she begins to encounter. Which are psychological illusions or genuine when they seem to be connected to her past. Must add this to your Christmas horror movies playlist.

10. 13 Slays Until X-Mas (2020)

13 Days Till Xmas Horror Movie

The holiday horror subgenre, of which there are many on this list, somehow really extends itself to the anthology format. This one involves five men who are invited to a club on Christmas Eve and who begin telling spooky tales while they wait for their host. There are thirteen stories in all. This amazing suspense horror movie is totally mind-blowing.

Bottom Line

Christmas amazing horror movies have become a subgenre over the past 50 years. They often feature religious themes and ghostly characters, lending them a uniquely horror-filled setting. While it may seem like everyone is celebrating the holidays in a cheerful and jolly manner. Holidays can also be an uncomfortable time of grief, loneliness, and increased suicide rates.

One of the most popular sub-genres of this genre is the Santa slasher. This subgenre has also received its fair share of controversy. However, despite its infamous premise, the Santa slasher has been a perennial favorite. The Santa slasher genre has become particularly popular since the release of Silent Night, The Invitation. Which prompted protests and featured a killer dressed up in a Santa suit.

Another movie combining two distinct genres is Black Christmas. It is the first Christmas horror movie to use Christmas elements. Including candy canes as guns. The story revolves around a wealthy man who invites his four daughters home to celebrate Christmas. When one girl goes missing, the other three begin a terrifying hunt to save their lives.

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Despite their unsettling nature, these films can be very creative, putting an unsettling twist on Christmas. The holiday season is supposed to be happy and peaceful. But Christmas scary movies flip the traditional Christmas tropes and catch viewers off guard.

Therefore, The Above-Mentioned List Was Our Top Pick For Christmas 2022 Holidays. We Want To Wish You Happy Holidays With This List. Hope You Found This More Informative and Started Planning For The Coming Christmas. If You Found This Entertainment  Blog Helpful Then Share This With Your Friends And Family Members.